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Field Management 

Here at GWM, we have worked very hard to foster a corporate culture where employee safety is the driving force behind our success.  With agility, expertise and a diverse background, GWM’s management team is determined to provide the most economic, cost effective solutions on every project and to ensure our clients success

Project Management

GWM staffs each project with project management to build and maintain a professional working relationship with the client. These individuals are chosen very carefully to ensure they have strong communication skills, and the ability to incorporate GWM’s Core Values within daily activities.  Our project managers are highly qualified and trained to have a strong understanding of all industry regulations and guidelines to adhere to client expectations.  They work closely with on-site client representatives by providing daily/weekly status reports on projects which include daily reports and weld logs, weld mapping, tracking material/filing MTR’s and coordinating sub-contractors activities.

Safety Representative

GWM provides an in-house safety representative at each job location or project to ensure all safety requirements and qualifications of the client are met. This includes verifying all Operator Qualifications (OQ) are obtained by each individual performing a task prior to commencement of work, daily Job Safety Analysis (JSA) meeting and documentation, up-keep of all safety equipment or maintenance and calibration of all equipment (including H2s monitors). On-site safety representative also oversees scheduling and maintaining records of all required pre-job drug screening that needs to be performed along with any incident reporting should the need occur. GWM works closely with client safety representation, whether on-site or in management to not only meet the requirements but strives to exceed expectations.

Field Superintendent 

GWM field superintendents are highly skilled and motivated with a proven track record of delivering successful projects across all phases of development. This includes from project initiation to commissioning/start-up. Field superintendents are capable of planning, coordinating and work on solutions in conjunction with others on the team. They hold the ability to see long term aims within a project and lead a team of foremen's, welders, fabricators, operators and laborers to deliver on these aims. GWM field superintendent possess the trait to mentor and coach others, unlocking potential to maximize performance while promoting teamwork at all times.

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